Testimonials on Relationship Seminars


Welcome to Love Impacts – Energizing Relationships.
Take a few moments and read some of the responses from the people that have gone through this short but effective energizing seminar to stimulate the positive aspects of their relationship!

The Positives of Here and Now…
The Love Impacts relationship seminar was a very positive experience. Instead of looking backward or focusing on problems, this seminar focuses on the positives of here and now. Not only can these techniques be used to revitalize and bring positivity to a romantic relationship, I saw how these techniques help with other relationships in my life. I would highly recommend Love Impacts to everyone I know.”
Bonnie S. – Southington, CT

Learning Something New…
“Probably the hardest thing to do is to see the good things that your wife does for you when you are constantly stressed by the events of everyday life. Owning my own business, it’s non-stop from morning to night. To get home and find dishes in the sink, dinner not made, snow to shovel… just adds to the stress and I didn’t realize or pay attention to the things that might have been going on in my wifes life. The Love Impacts Energizing relationship seminar was amazing! The simple exercises helped me realize how much I really am receiving and helped me appreciate my wife to help rejuvenate our relationship. THANK YOU Melissa for teaching me something new with a very eye-opening experience.”
Vinnie M. – Maplewood, NJ

Very Impressed…
“My wife Michelle and I were both very impressed with the information and tools that Melissa provided. She used her 20+ years of training and real life experience to provide a comprehensive program to help others improve their relationships.”
Dave. P – Southington, CT

Married 41 years and Learning New…
“Even though I have been married for 41 years, I realized there’s always something new to learn.” By taking this seminar you come to see how you can relate to your spouse differently. It brings you back to why you love each other and forget about the annoying things that happen over time. I highly recommend this!
Mary A. – Salt Lake City, UT