About Us – Couple Seminars


Melissa Ericksen-Salmon - Love Impacts - True LoveMelissa Ericksen-Salmon has been studying two forms of Japanese psychology Morita and Naikan for over 20 years.  She is certified by the ToDo Institute, an education and retreat center located in Monkton Vermont ( www.todoinstitue.org).  Attended EST a compilation course which included Zen Buddhism, Gestalt, The Silva Method, Mind Dynamics and many other philosophies.  She is currently a Justice of the Peace and has performed over 150 weddings.

Melissa has been giving back to the world for over 20 years. She started her company, A Balanced Life, LLC, in 1995 to bring health and wellness to people through their workplace. She has provided health and wellness expos to thousands of people, and is now focusing her energy on Couple Seminars designed to help partners elevate the positive aspects of their relationships. The Love Impact Seminars provide a unique method and format for partners to recognize the beauty within their relationship.